Obtaining a 409A valuation lets a company follow the tax laws in addition to avoid an IRS audit. Tax problems are disturbing, and hiring consultants as well as lawyers to protect the company is expensive.

Essentially, your company should not put its workers at risk for immediate tax trouble. Stock options are a way to incentive and keep worthy employees — not leave them with a giant bill from the IRS. No matter whether you need 409A valuation for big changes like generating its first revenue or declaring external investors, or the company publishes its first ever employee stock options or 12 months have passed since the last 409A valuation, ASCG is one stop destination.

Gift & Estate Tax

It requires expertise to determine the value of a business or small interest and associated discounts for lack of marketability and lack of control in a business which has a considerable impact on gift taxes and estate taxes.

ASCG performs valuations of shareholder, membership interests and limited partnership in closely held entities and qualified plans, mainly for gift and estate tax and other fiduciary tax reporting needs. We also do valuation of promissory notes as well as undivided interests in landed property.

At ASCG, you will get expert with in-depth knowledge of the laws that manage corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships. We work closely with prominent estate planners, attorneys, accountants, financial planners and pension administrators across the United States.