Accretive Strategies Consulting Group LLC (“ASCG”) was founded in April of 2011 by James B. “Jim” Walling, CFA, CVA. Jim is the founding principal and has worked in the consulting, corporate finance, and valuation area for over 25 years, all of it spent in the dynamic environment of the Silicon Valley. Much of Jim’s career was spent in big four professional services firms but he has also worked with startups and established financial services firms.

ASCG operates using an outsourced model with a dedicated team based in India. Mr. Walling was formerly the COO of SVB Analytics, SVB Financial Group’s valuation arm and the pioneer in applying an outsourcing model to valuation work. Jim led the development of this effort within SVBA and, taking the first-hand experience and relationships developed during that time, has applied an enhanced version of this model at ASCG since the founding of the firm. At the time when Jim was founding ASCG, he was approached by two of his former outsourcing team leaders who wanted to start their own India-based valuation outsourcing firm, Knowcraft Analytics Pvt. Ltd. (“Knowcraft”).

ASCG became client #1 of Knowcraft, allowing Jim to influence the structure, perspective and training programs for Knowcraft’s staff to ensure the focus was on quality analyses versus rote process embraced by typical outsourcing approaches. Jim has trained his dedicated outsourcing team to handle valuations from simple 409a tax valuations and purchase price allocations, all the way to the use of lattice and simulation models to value complex derivatives and contingent payment arrangements. This makes ASCG one of the very few firms in the industry that brings together the benefits of long experience and deep technical expertise with the resources, time leverage and beneficial cost structure of an outsourced model. ASCG and Knowcraft continue to work together enabling ASCG to provide high quality, full-service valuation services, at competitive prices, to clients worldwide.