Complex securities are becoming increasingly prominent as a way to accomplish financing and investment goals. Many include features that alter cash flows over the life of the security, such as options, return multiples or thresholds, and/or specific IRR and price-performance targets. In corporate settings, securities with these characteristics are often created as part of incentive compensation, corporate transactions, capital raises or external financing activities. Companies often have only a general sense of the value of the different provision that may be incorporated into a security structure through the negotiation process. Modeling this in real time can avoid costly mistakes or capture value. Once in place companies are responsible for appropriately valuing complex securities for audit, general reporting and tax purposes. Proper value estimates require selecting the most appropriate valuation model including discounted cash flow (DCF) method, option pricing model, Monte Carlo simulations, real option models, probability weighted scenario analysis, etc. to arrive at an accurate and supportable valuation. We bring deep experience valuing a wide range of complex securities, including convertible debt/equity securities, different hybrid option structures, swaps, warrants, stock appreciation rights, contingent pay-outs, and various other embedded derivatives.