Many companies opt for stock-based compensation which aids incentive and retention. If you issue stock options and share-based payments, there are several regulations with which to be familiar. Audit firms review ASC718/IRC409A reports very carefully for stock option expensing and non-compliant valuation reports can create issues at future date delaying M&A due-diligence or IPO process. We provide independent third-party company valuations for Section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code and ASC 718 regarding the valuation of stock for option strike setting and other forms of deferred compensation. We have worked with some of the most promising companies and have helped them throughout their growth life cycle, from seed investment until IPO or M&A exit. Our 409A valuations are designed to support a straightforward audit process and have been reviewed by the “Big 4” accounting firms and other national and regional CPA firms. ASCG’s expertise and experience in valuing early stage businesses across industries makes it the perfect independent appraiser to assist you in satisfying these financial reporting and tax regulations.