When an investment portfolio includes illiquid, non-public assets, a specialist is often needed to analyze and report the valuation of these investments for financial, investor or lender reporting. Private equity/debt funds, hedge funds, pension funds, and other institutional investors are required to periodically report the values of their portfolio investments to their investors under FASB’s ASC 820 fair value measurements and IAS 39 financial instruments – recognition and measurement. Portfolio investments include debt instruments, derivative instruments, equity instruments, and loan guarantees. We perform ongoing valuation and reporting services that include quarterly/annual reviews, quarterly/annual valuation updates, and portfolio valuation (summaries and overviews of evaluated companies). Due to increased investor, audit and regulatory scrutiny around fair value reporting for illiquid, non-public investments, private equity funds, private debt funds, hedge funds, financial institutions and investors rely on ASCG for independent third-party valuation services.